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What is Controlight? A means for controlling lighting wirelessly on home, garage, barn, or any structure with power from up to 500 feet away.

How does Controlight work? It uses a radio frequency with over 65 billion codes to virtually eliminate interference with other wired and wireless devices.

Why is Controlight better than other systems? Controlight has the highest wattage capacity and longest wireless distance control on the market.

Controlight features the longest guarantee on the market. 90-day money back gaurantee, 2 year warranty.

Safe at home - Safe in your car - But going and coming?

Control your exterior lighting from over 500ft away with a sleek, cutting edge remote control lighting system from Controlight Specialties, LLC.

Why Controlight?

Two year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee. Guaranteed to work anywhere in North America

Made In U.S.A. - Crime Watch Approved - Go Green, No Wasted Energy

Small sampling of ways Controlight improves your home environment

What people are saying about controlight...

quotation marksYour fine product makes all the difference when it's time to head out to the barn at feeding time...and your support is excellent. If anyone wonders, customer service is alive and well at Controlight. I will definitely recommend you!

-- John Leavitt, President, The Colorado Network, Inc.

quotation marksThank you for your quick delivery and excellent advice, the Controlight works great. I can sit in my living room and turn on my boathouse lights from over 350 feet away, so reliable. Thanks again.

-- George Ternes, E. China, Michigan