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quotation marksThis Controlight System is the answer to the approach of my driveway and entryway. I got rid of that power co. outdoor light ($18.00 a month), my lighting is now under my control, no waste, thanks!

-- John Wiltshire, Alexandria, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How far will the remote work?
    A. Remote control distance for operation is tested over a distance of 500+ feet
  • Q. Do I have to program the remote transmitters?
    A. All (3) transmitters supplied with controlight 'device' are pre-programmed. Extra transmitters are easily programmed with supplied instructions. (no tools needed)
  • Q. Will the transmitters interfere with my garage door or alarm system?
    A.There is no interference with alarms, garage door, etc. We have designed the transmitters for billions of codes to virtually eliminate interference.
  • Q. Which way do I point the receiver antenna?
    A. Extend antenna straight down (never cut antenna).
  • Q. Can I use it on either 120 volt or 240 volt applications?
    A. This device can be used on either 120 volt or 240 volt/three-wire applications and can be converted from one use or another almost instantly.
  • Q. What wattage will it control?
    A. This device can control 1800 watts (one circuit), 3600 watts (two circuits).
  • Q. If I had a quick question could I call up?
    A. Phone: 603-707-6207   Email: