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quotation marks Hi, I just had the Control Light system wired up and it is amazing. The quality of the product is outstanding and very professionally made. I would recommend this product to anyone.

-- Tom Militano, Jacksonville AL.

Glossary and Definitions

Photo of Hand Held Transmitter Hand Held Transmitter - Remote Control hand held transmitter with holder
Photo of a Key Fob Key Fob - Remote Control with key chain
Photo of Device Device - A heavy duty switching contact with approved relays capable of handling 120 volt or 240 volt/three-wire loads.
Crime Watch - A neighborhood organization.
Fishing Wires - Running wires through walls and ceilings. This is the old way it was done without our control light system.
Low Voltage Wires (18/2) - 18 gauge two conductors cable.
S.P. Switch - Single Pole Switch.
( Example: A Simple Light Switch )
500+ Feet - Line of sight

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