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quotation marks This Controlight System is the answer to the approach of my driveway and entryway. I got rid of that power co. outdoor light ($18.00 a month), my lighting is now under my control, no waste, thanks!

-- John Wiltshire, Alexandria, NH

quotation marks I am 88 years old and there are no street lights here, but this system is so easy to use and such a help when dealing with the dark nights. I am so delighted with this control!

-- Vivian Thompson
Phippsburg, ME.

Light Keeps You Safe

Safety And Security At Your Fingertips.

No one likes to stumble around outside their home in the dark... whether you are running outside to the car for something you forgot, or just arriving home from a long trip - common sense tells us it is safer to walk from your car to your house in a well lit yard. With good lighting, you will be able to see that your path is clear of tripping hazards, potentially dangerous animals, or worse yet, criminals.

We have a unique solution to this age old problem: a sleek, cutting edge remote control system for your home's lighting.

Our remotes are:

  • Small enough to fit on your keychain
  • On the visor of your car
  • Mounted on the wall
  • Or in the palm of your hand

Our remotes are easy to re-program, no tools required:

  • Remotes come pre-programmed
  • You can buy enough for the whole family
  • Or use the same remote for Controlight systems at multiple homes or locations

With the greatest operating distance on the home market today, you can turn on your home lights from over 500, sometimes 600 feet away � that is a distance of up two NFL football fields from your house.

Never wonder again what�s happening outside your home, know at the click of a button with Controlight� Finally, you are in control!

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