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quotation marksJust wanted to thank you for a great product and great convenience, very good quality and I am getting a range of over 300 feet for control of my lighting. Many thanks.

-- Donald Dislevy
Wilmington, NY

quotation marksYou have an excellent controller. Does exactly what I needed it to control. Well made and very easy to install. Thank You.

-- Kent Dawson
Lower Colorado
River Authority, Texas

Useful Remote Lighting Ideas

Use Anywhere! You will never 'forget' to leave the lights on again, controlight works while leaving or approaching your home at night, up to 500ft away!

Long Driveways & Walkways. Tame long driveways and dark corners - control any or all your lighting from within the home or vehicles when going or returning at night.

Docks & Marinas Keep one of your remotes in your boat to activate dock or marine lighting as you approach at night.

Camps, Second Homes & Shops Lighting can be installed on your home, detached garage, barn or other structure with no need for control wires.