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quotation marks Controlight allowed us to have complete control of our outside flood lighting on our garage, without having to run wiring underground back to our house. We now control the lighting on our garage from our home or cars when going and coming. Customer service was outstanding, and answered all of our questions. Many Thanks!

-- Al & Chris Gentle
Manchester, MD.

quotation marks My father in-law, uses Controlight at night walking from his cabin to our residence and back, just great, thanks!

-- Al Kelly, Brunnell, Fl.

Easy Installation Instructions

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Step 1: Disconnect all electrical power before you begin work!

Step 2: Install the wire that carries power to the device ('feed') in the bottom of the device by connecting it to the marked terminals (fig 2). Note: if desired, you may connect the feed through the top of the device instead.

Step 3: Connect the device to your existing or new lighting by attaching the wire ('load cable') to your exterior lights (or other electrical device) in the appropriately marked terminals in device (fig 3).

Step 4: Using the supplied low voltage, color-coded wire (fig 4a), connect the device to the wireless receiver (fig 4b).

You are done - enjoy your new Controlight installation!

Need Help? Please call us at the number on our contact page with your installation questions.

WARNING: Electricity is dangerous. Controlight is easy to install for the homeowner or handyman, nevertheless you still must observe proper safety practices: disconnect all power to related circuits before beginning work. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, consider hiring an experienced electrician to assist you.

Download Electrical Schematic