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quotation marksThis is the most convenient thing in my home, I use it every day, night, I mean, thanks!

-- Ray Barrata, Las Vegas, NV.

quotation marksControlight solved my safety concerns when coming home with the children at night...

-- Mary Smith, Dennis, MA.

Controlight is better than motion lights

Motion lights often waste energy and are unreliable, they even stop working over time.

A gust of wind, a squirrel, a cat � anything can cause a motion sensor to turn on your outside lights dozens of times in a night. Not only does this waste valuable energy to illuminate an empty yard, but every time the motion light turns on without reason, it needlessly shortens the life of the bulb it controls � making it burn out faster. Finally, the photocells that activate motion lights have a limited life � one day you might return home to find yourself in the dark or your lights stuck on in broad daylight, until you can hire an electrician to climb a ladder and rewire your light!

Controlight is an appliance you can depend on, we guarantee it!

Our Controlight system will not malfunction like motion lights or any other system. With Controlight you can have a small remote control for everyone in the family, and securely turn your property lighting on at your command � with the simple click of a button � from the safety of your home, vehicle, or virtually anywhere!

We are so sure you will love your new Controlight, that we are offering a 90-day money back guarantee, in addition our standard two year warranty.

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