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quotation marks AWESOME! I just hooked it up to my lighting and it works great!!! I've been wanting to turn my pond lights on from my house [some 300ft away] for 5 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your product.

-- Jim Feagins, Fairfax, VA

quotation marks I am 88 years old and there are no street lights here, but this system is so easy to use and such a help when dealing with the dark nights. I am so delighted with this control!

-- Vivian Thompson
Phippsburg, ME.

Remote Control Lighting

Unlike traditional lighting control, your exterior lighting may be installed on any structure with electrical power: Home, Garage, Barn, just about anywhere you need light... and controlled wirelessly from anywhere on your property, throughout your home, or from within vehicles when leaving or entering your driveway.

Finally, a way to control your safety and security lighting when you need it.

Example applications for remote control lighting

Remote control distance for operation is an astounding 500 feet!

No need for digging up your yard, fishing wires through your home or other structure for control.

The purchase of the Controlight system is justified, not only by the safety and energy savings that is gained, but also the money saved on labor and materials.

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