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quotation marks In the winter it is dark when I leave in the morning and also when returning ... This is so convenient and I can illuminate my yard from any spot in my home, a life saver!

-- Gail, New Hampton, NH

quotation marks My father in-law, uses Controlight at night walking from his cabin to our residence and back, just great, thanks!

-- Al Kelly, Brunnell, Fl.

Controlight Saves Time And Money

#1 Time Saving Installation.

Whether you are installing Controlight yourself, hiring your handyman or electrician, Controlight is a breeze to install compared to traditional lighting. Other kinds of lighting require you to fish control wires throughout your house, drilling holes, patching sheetrock and causing untold frustration and expense. Because Controlight switches are 100% wireless and work over such a great distance, never again will you have to worry about running control wires throughout your house. Now, you can put your exterior light switches anywhere: mount your remotes on the wall, keep them in your car, or carry them with you � with a Controlight you won�t waste your time and money like everyone else installing traditional lighting!

#2 Energy & Money Saving Operation.

Help save our planet, and your wallet: no other lighting solution is �on� only when you want it, no wasted energy. In the past you have had to settle for front door lights that were on all day long, or deal with motion lights that activate frequently for no reason. Don�t waste your money on lighting that no one is using � with our system you can activate and deactivate your lights by remote control whenever you need them.

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